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Why invest with
Turkey Dream

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What services do we provide?

Free Two-Night Stay

picked up and dropped off from airport

Property management on a private platform

Guarantee of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Follow up on legal procedures in the process of obtaining a title deed

Legal audit of contracts and purchases before, during and after the money transfer process

Are you eligible for
Turkish citizenship?

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Projects we do not recommend

Not all real estate projects in Turkey are suitable for the purpose of real estate investment

Real Estate Property Fraud

A series of articles and videos in which we shed light on the methods and methods of fraud that some companies or people follow

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Our Channel On Youtube

The first channel in the world in the field of Turkish real estate

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Browse more than 163 residential projects in Turkey

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What did they say about us?

TDA clients and Turkish construction companies talk about their opinion of us as a real estate consultancy and our role in developing real estate investment in Turkey

Turkey Blog Apartment Dreams

مزايا الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا بين عامي 2022 -2023
ما هي أفضل الأماكن لتملك الفلل في تركيا؟
أمازون الأمريكية تستعد لافتتاح أول قاعدة لوجستية لها في تركيا
دليل التملك العقاري في تركيا
مديرية الطابو توضح التعديلات الأخيرة بشأن الحصول على الجنسية التركية عبر التملك العقاري

Should you Invest with TDA


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