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Real Estate Fraud: Describing Places

Date Published:

June 1, 2017

Last Updated:

January 26, 2023

There are many factors that help in marketing real estate projects in Turkey, but the most important of all is the project site factor and the services surrounding it. In view of this importance, many methods of real estate fraud appeared related to describing the places surrounding the property and exaggerating the services surrounding it.

In this article, submitted by Turkey Dream Apartment - Kamiran, we will explain the details of fraud in describing places and how to avoid this kind of marketing deception pursued by some real estate companies in Turkey.
What is the importance of the places surrounding the project in the real estate marketing process?
If the property is intended for housing, the services surrounding it will be of great importance, as the need for health and educational institutions in addition to ease of transportation and the presence of a shopping center will provide a more comfortable and easy standard of living.
-According to the importance and legality of the places adjacent to the property, real estate prices in the region are determined. For example, the real estate located near an archaeological or tourist landmark, the price of which is higher than the apartments that are located in ordinary residential places.
The investment value of the property is directly affected by the nature of the services and facilities. The ability to resell or rent the property at a reasonable price and make a profit depends a lot on the nature of the existing services.
How does real estate fraud occur in describing places?
The obvious exaggeration in the nature of the services and facilities adjacent to the project, such as claiming that the shopping center near the project is the largest shopping center in Istanbul, etc., or changing the entire description and adding services that do not exist in the first place, such as claiming that the project is 15 minutes away from the new airport, knowing that the areas surrounding the airport Istanbul is currently uninhabited.
- Real estate fraud regarding the future plans of the municipality in the project area and claiming the municipality’s intention to open a transportation station or build a hospital or school and thus giving implicit promises to raise the price of the apartment when the services are completed, but unfortunately this will not happen because the offered services are not present in the municipality’s projects list.
The goal behind this type of fraud and exaggeration is to raise the market value of the property and encourage investors to buy in the project without regard to the extent of the deception that the buyer will discover later.
How to avoid real estate fraud in describing places?
Kamiran-Turkey Company offers you a dream apartment with a set of useful tips through which you can avoid falling victim to real estate fraud and exaggerating the description of the places and services adjacent to the projects, the most important of which are:
In fact, you will not benefit much if the nearby shopping center is larger than the one located two streets away, so it is useful to determine the surrounding services that you really need and that will benefit you and your family, and search for them and not pay attention to marketing exaggerations.
With regard to fraud and giving false information about the services that the municipality intends to establish in the area, you can use the official plans, which you can find easily and verify by yourself or through a reliable real estate company that the information is correct and know the real services planned in the place.
Focusing on the quality and privileges of the project itself and the apartment in which you will spend most of your time, rather than focusing on secondary points.
Carrying out real estate tours and seeing the apartment and the project on the ground is the best way to verify many inaccurate claims about describing the places adjacent to the project.
Kamiran's advice for real estate scammers:
Marketing real estate projects through exaggeration and lying to investors will only result in a loss of confidence in the marketer when the buyer discovers that he has been deceived and that the projects that have been marketed to him do not exist. Instead of losing the reputation of these companies and distorting the image of the Turkish real estate market, we advise you, in Kamiran, to market projects through realistic services, and logical and actually required to meet the needs of the buyer.

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