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Real Estate Fraud: Forgery and Impersonation

Date Published:

August 25, 2017

Last Updated:

January 26, 2023

This is done without any effort and is evident by following the methods of impersonating successful real estate marketing people who have their reputation and experience in the Turkish market to gain the trust of customers and attract investors.
Before detailing this type of real estate fraud, we must note that these cases are never generalized, as most real estate companies in Turkey are highly qualified and experienced companies that provide their services with a high degree of reliability.

How is impersonation and forgery done?
In some cases, customers and investors who want to own real estate in Turkey communicate with marketing agencies that appeared in Facebook ads or other websites to ask about a property, so the marketer claims to belong to a reputable real estate company or claims that well-known people work with him.
The fraudster may use many methods, such as placing a company name similar to a well-known company, or designing a similar logo, or even placing pictures of workers in trusted companies as part of the team working with the fraudster, or imitating the same marketing methods used by another company, or making a similar design to the company's real website and many other ways.
Behind all this, the fraudster aims to give confidence to his fraud and evade real questions about the real estate project and its location. We at Turkey Dream Apartment Kamiran, are frequently exposed to such cases, so it happens that some customers contact us to tell us that they have contacted other parties that we have no relationship with, claiming to work for our company or for a partnership with us.
However, like all other means of fraud, this method of dealing with customers will only result in more material and moral losses and a loss of confidence towards the parties that adopt these methods, and on the other hand, greater success for the sincere companies that perform their work to the fullest.
As we mention these methods and show their ways, we aim to educate the investor and ensure that he does not fall into the trap of real estate fraudsters. Hence, our message in Turkey Dream Apartment Kamiran, to the parties that practice real estate fraud: Instead of choosing the easy ways, it is better to try to find out the reason that drives people to go For reliable companies such as TDA, and the secret of trust that these companies build with their customers to treat the problem that you have and improve the level of sales without the need to resort to cases of fraud, and be confident that if the customer finds honesty and transparency in dealing, he will not leave you.
Advice for investors who want to communicate with us and benefit from our advice: Reliable means of communication with the company are found only in the official websites of the company, such as the website and the means of communication found in the description below the videos on the company's YouTube channel, which includes the contact number of WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and phone numbers. As for the methods of communication that are not found below the explanation, we are not responsible for them and the extent of their credibility. We note that some real estate companies use the information that we mention or our opinions about the projects as a marketing tool for them. If you do not hear this talk in the videos, then it does not exist and we are not responsible for it.
The importance of real estate companies in the investment process:
We advise investors not to generalize cases of real estate fraud to everyone, because there are many honest companies that work hard to provide the best investment service and to ensure that the best real estate decision is made and to make a successful investment. You need a real estate marketer who offers you offers for the best existing projects and a specialized team that provides you with accurate real estate advice.

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