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Real Estate Fraud: Keep your Money Clean

Date Published:

July 27, 2017

Last Updated:

January 26, 2023

The real estate marketing process is defined as finding a suitable set of real estate opportunities and promoting them in a successful way to convince the customer and complete the sales process. As we note, the real estate marketer has a pivotal role in the success of real estate ownership and investment operations, so it was important to note, within the real estate fraud series presented by Turkey Dream Apartment - Kamiran, on cases of real estate fraud that could occur on the part of the marketer and harm investors.

What are the characteristics of a successful real estate marketer?
In order for the marketer to complete the real estate sale operations to the fullest, they must adhere to the following conditions:
- Transparency and honesty: The relationships that the real estate marketer builds with their clients differ from any other relationships, as they are long-term relationships based on mutual trust by providing the best investment options and a commitment to deal with reliable construction companies that have a reputation in the market in order to avoid the buyer falling victim to fraud and deception.
Implementing the services required by the investor efficiently and quickly, with the necessary knowledge of market conditions and competitors, and keeping updated of all that is new in the real estate market.
-Knowledge of the details of Turkish laws, the successive changes that occur in them and the impact of this on investment and the purchase of real estate, so that it protects its clients from exposure to deception and legal problems.
- Impartiality in mentioning the pros and cons of real estate projects that they present to the investor to help them make the right decision.
In order for the real estate marketer to have all the previous specifications, they must be present in Turkey. The marketer outside Turkey will not be able to know the changing financial, economic and political situation inside the country, and therefore they will not be able to provide the best advice regarding the investment decision.
Also, they will not be aware of new projects, news of construction companies, their reputation in the market, legal changes, licenses, and required procedures.
The most important thing is their inability to provide after-sales services to the customer, which constitute the point of distinction that real estate companies seek to develop. These services require direct follow-up and require close monitoring of the situation. For example, a marketer outside Turkey will not be able to supply water, electricity and gas because it requires attending the concerned companies and communicating with them directly. In addition, they will not be able to verify financial payments, receive bonds, and follow the stages of construction except through an entity inside Turkey, and this means that they are not the main source of information.
The real estate marketing profession is a difficult profession, and in order to be able to succeed in it, you must have information from all parties, and if any problem occurs after completing the sale process, the buyer will contact the entity that marketed the property to him, and if the marketer cannot solve the problem and help the customer, then the buyer loses confidence in the marketer who wouldn't have done their job perfectly and therefore couldn't analyze his money.
Kamiran's advice to investors:
There are many distinguished marketing companies located in Turkey that can help you with all the details through direct attendance and provide the necessary information and support required to complete all the details. Therefore, we advise you not to deal with real estate marketers outside Turkey if you want to buy a property in Turkey, just as we do not advise you to contact real estate marketers in Turkey in order to buy a property in another country, always contact the source directly.
Always remember that a successful real estate marketer is the one who offers you a wide range of investment options and real estate projects, provides you with the necessary legal and investment advice, and mentions the pros and cons of each project until you get the full picture, unlike what can happen if you communicate with the authority responsible for the project directly. Which will not explain the negative aspects of its project, but will only praise its positive aspects.

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