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Real Estate Fraud: Not Mentioning Project Information

Date Published:

May 18, 2017

Last Updated:

January 27, 2023

In the midst of your search for real estate for sale in Turkey on the search engine, you must have come across an advertisement containing attractive offers and exaggeratedly cheap prices for apartments that are for sale, perhaps in installments over long years, but without mentioning any basic information about the name of the project that includes this apartment or its location. This is what we call "real estate fraud" by not mentioning the basic real estate project information, which is considered one of the recent fraud cases in the Turkish real estate market, especially with the presence of social media and the ease of advertising on it, without the need for a reliable website.

This type of real estate fraud includes concealing or changing the project information. For example, the advertisement offers to pay $10,000 in exchange for an apartment in Turkey, but when contacting the advertiser and inquiring about the location of the apartment, they give general information about the location by telling you that it is located in Istanbul, and when asked About the project name, they resort to using unrelated symbols and numbers, which gives an impression of seriousness to the buyer, but it does not provide him with any useful information about the project.
These real estate companies resort to this type of fraud to ensure that there is no direct means of communication between the investor and the entity responsible for the project, and thus the marketing entity becomes the only source of information for the buyer, and therefore he will not be able to verify it.
The deceptive advertisements focus on presenting irrational prices about real estate to attract the buyer, but in return they do not provide any details about the real estate. Rather, it may lead to the matter asking the customer to come to Turkey in order to provide him with the details so that the company guarantees his presence in the place and works to market the property. And if we assume that there is an apartment in Turkey at the mentioned price, then it is certainly not within a residential complex, and it often has poor specifications in terms of ventilation, lighting, and surrounding services.
It is important for the customer to realize that for every project in Turkey there is a clear name and a specific location. If the real estate company or the marketing agency is confident of the project’s specifications and legality, there is no need to use numbers and symbols to express it. Rather, mentioning the project’s advantages and disadvantages gives high credibility and builds great trust between the investor and the company. Which improves its reputation and increases its balance in the real estate market.
It is the client’s natural right to communicate with different parties to reach the best option for him, and to verify the information from its reliable source. Instead of hiding information, real estate companies should work to expand the circle of their distinguished projects and provide the best offers and prices to make the investor return with confidence and deal with the company with confidence.
Dealing with entities that refrain from mentioning project information and avoid honest and frank communication with the client is the first step to falling victim to real estate fraud in Turkey. So if you want to get your right property and save your time and effort, always make sure that you are communicating with the right party that has credibility and reliability, and we advise you here to deal with Turkey Dream Apartment - Kamiran, which is considered the leading company in this field with its long experience and distinguished reputation in the Turkish real estate market, where The company provides all the detailed information that the buyer needs to make his investment decision, such as the name of the project, its location on the map, and the real price as determined by the construction company. It also explains to the client the negative aspects of each project before its positive aspects. Kamiran is the only company that provides aerial photography of projects, showing the general area and the services surrounding it, so that the investor, while in his home, gets a realistic view of the property he intends to buy.

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