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Real Estate Fraud: Real Estate Residence Permit

Date Published:

April 20, 2017

Last Updated:

January 27, 2023

If you have previously contacted a real estate marketer and he told you that you need to buy a property in order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, or that there is a special residence permit issued as soon as you purchase a property in Turkey, then you are facing one of the cases of real estate fraud, which we will explain through this article provided by Turkey Dream Apartment - Kamiran within the series of articles on real estate fraud methods issued by the company in order to educate investors and provide them with correct legal information and ensure that they do not fall victim to real estate fraud in Turkey.

In the beginning, we will talk about the types of residency recognized in Turkey, which are divided into:
Work permit: a resident of Turkey has the right to apply for a work permit if he has an official work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and health insurance, and the resident can provide these documents through two methods. The first is that the person is an employee in a legally registered company or establish company and obtain a work permit as a company owner in Turkey. This residency provides many advantages, including covering the expenses of treatment in government hospitals for the residency owner and his first-degree relatives, and benefiting from the retirement pension.
Student residence: Foreign students registered with Turkish institutes or universities, or postgraduate students in Turkey, are entitled to apply for student residence. In this case, a registration paper is required proving his enrollment in the educational institution and showing the number of years required to complete the study, and based on it, the number of years of residence is issued, and the student’s residence is not renewed after the completion of the study stage.
Asylum residence: This type of residence is considered a special type subject to international and Turkish protection and asylum laws. Each case is studied and the conditions for obtaining asylum residence are determined.
Tourist residence permit: It is considered the most popular residence permit, as a resident in Turkey, even if he does not have a work permit and is not registered in any of the Turkish educational institutions, is entitled to apply for a tourist residence permit, whose validity period ranges from six months to two years.
A set of documents are required to apply for tourist residence, including a copy of the passport and the applicant's residence address. At this point, manipulation may occur, as the housing address can be a lease contract or a title deed. In both cases, the same tourist residence is issued, and ownership is not required until the resident obtains it. So, there is no such thing as a real estate residency, but rather a tourist residency that can be issued through or without buying a real estate under the same conditions and at the same cost. What differs only is that the title deed of the property is presented and not the lease contract.
It is important to distinguish between Turkish residency and Turkish citizenship when buying a property. Of course, there are properties that give you citizenship according to the recent amendments to the Turkish Naturalization Law, where the investor can obtain citizenship directly in exchange for owning a property worth a quarter of a million dollars or more, but there is no property that gives you residence directly.
Buying a property in Turkey provides many advantages, but it does not include obtaining a real estate residence permit of a special kind. It is important, before embarking on owning an apartment in Turkey, to search for a reliable real estate company that provides clear information and does not manipulate facts in order to market its real estate. Be absolutely sure that Turkish real estate does not need this manipulation, as it has many wonderful and real specifications. This is what Turkey Dream Apartment - Kamiran believes in, as this appears through its elaborate work and absolute transparency with its customers and providing details with all objectivity in order to guarantee the customer’s confidence.

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