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Real Estate Fraud: Smart Systems

Date Published:

May 12, 2017

Last Updated:

January 27, 2023

One of the methods of real estate fraud that some real estate companies resort to is to exploit the loose meanings of some terms in order to attribute additional specifications that do not exist to the property to be sold. One of the most prominent examples of these cases of real estate fraud is the marketers who present to the investor ordinary apartments as smart apartments, only to surprise the buyer after the purchase that he has been deceived.

What is the origin of real estate fraud in smart systems?
The matter can be considered in its origin as a linguistic misunderstanding to a large extent, as the smart system, as a staircase term in Turkish society, denotes specifications that do not necessarily match the international specifications of the smart apartment.
Where the Turks consider the internal communication device (intercom), as it is called, if it contains a camera that shows the identity of the person outside, a smart system, which made it easier for fraudsters who rely on false marketing and manipulating vocabulary to promote this type of apartments as apartments that contain a smart system, knowing that the existence of A camera to make it easier to know who is at the door does not make the apartment smart and does not include it under the offers of smart apartments in Istanbul.
So, what are smart apartments in Turkey?
It is important to realize that the concept of smart apartments is a broad concept that may include several levels, and despite the widespread cases of real estate fraud in smart systems, this does not negate the existence of smart apartment projects with international specifications in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular.
Smart apartments are defined as homes that provide remote control of devices and tools in the house without the need for the presence of the homeowner, by connecting them all to the Internet or a local network and controlling them through special tablets.
This control may include several levels, including:
Controlling home lighting: Giving orders to turn on or off the lights remotely, or linking them to a time so that they turn on or off at a specific hour.
Controlling doors, closing or opening them remotely, and turning on or off electrical appliances such as dishwashers, heating, etc.
The presence of acoustic systems and sensors sensitive to heat or sound.
As it is clear, the integrated smart apartments save a lot of time and effort for the investor and guarantee a safer and more comfortable life, unlike what happens. Marketing ordinary apartments just because they contain an additional camera in the internal communication device as a smart apartment is considered fraud and manipulation of information that reduces the credibility of the real estate broker who It is marketed for such apartments, and it also affects the reputation and reliability of the Turkish real estate market in general.
In addition, the prices of smart apartments differ from the prices of ordinary apartments, despite the presence of many factors affecting the price such as location, space, services, etc., but the special infrastructure that smart apartments need and the necessary availability of local networks and tablet control devices raise the price of the apartment, which may lead to a type of Another type of fraud is price gouging and exaggeration.
How does Kamiran help you avoid real estate fraud?
Turkey Dream Apartment - Kamiran presents as a result of its long experience in the Turkish real estate market and its high reliability, a series of episodes and articles that work to expose all methods of real estate fraud and deception by explaining how this fraud takes place and what are the ways to prevent it. In the case of fraud in smart systems, the basic method of dealing is when the broker tells you that the apartment that he offers you follows the smart system, so you must ask him about the details of this system and ask him to specify his exact tasks and what it includes so as not to fall victim to false marketing and real estate fraud because the word smart system is in Turkey It includes more than one meaning as mentioned.

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