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Real Estate Fraud: The War

Date Published:

August 10, 2017

Last Updated:

January 26, 2023

Since we, in Kamiran-Turkey Dream Apartment, started presenting a series of real estate fraud, which works to reveal the methods of fraud and deception that some investors may be exposed to during their investment experience in Turkey, a multi-sided war has begun against our company. This includes the result of a misunderstanding, and the disturbance of some by this clarity and the transparency we seek. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the parties to this war and our message to each party.

Construction companies objection to Kamiran:
We have adopted in our company, since the start of work in the Turkish real estate market, the approach of clarifying all the necessary information to the customer, including mentioning the negatives and positives of the offers and projects that we present to our customers. . Unfortunately, this objective approach did not appeal to some construction companies, which adopt the principle of spreading the advantages and disregarding the defects in their projects, and considered that what Kamiran is doing is defaming the reputation of the projects and the construction companies responsible for them.
Kamiran's message to construction companies:
Kamiran is a real estate company and it must highlight the best options for its clients and clarify the advantages of each project so that the client can make the appropriate investment decision for him because the client's interest is the most important to us, otherwise we will not have fulfilled our duty towards our clients as it should.
If the real estate company promotes all the specifications of the project as features only, the customer will find that they contradict themselves because there are other projects with completely different specifications and perhaps opposite to the specifications of the first project, the company is forced to show them as advantages as well.
In fact, transparency and mentioning all the details to the client and alerting him of the aspects that may be considered negative in the projects is in the interest of all parties, because the investor’s sense of safety and confidence encourages him to invest, and this increases the profits of construction and real estate companies together.
Kamiran's message to other real estate companies:
Some real estate companies considered the real estate fraud chain an accusation directed by Kamiran Company to all other real estate companies in the Turkish real estate market of fraud, and this is not true at all. There are many honest real estate companies in Turkey that are characterized by transparency and honesty in dealing, and they are already widespread and our work in the chain does not include any accusation of any company or marketing entity of fraud. We focus on mentioning the fraud methods that the investor can face objectively and explaining ways to avoid them, then we leave the decision to him.
Also, in the event that a customer who wants to buy an apartment went to Kamiran Company, and he was previously a customer of another real estate company, and he got acquainted with the real estate projects through it, we provide him with real estate advice only, and we only fulfill the purchasing requests of our customers.
Kamiran's message to fraudulent companies:
If this series bothers you, then you have the right to be disturbed, and we will continue to disturb you until you stop attempts to defraud real estate investors, because we will continue to educate customers and give them honest advice and correct real estate and investment advice, regardless of the results. The one who needs to change his method is the fraudster, not the one trying to expose him. The aim of this series is to prevent real estate fraud based on falsifying facts and concealing information from investors, and this does not mean that we want to withdraw all customers in favor of our company, but rather we want to ensure that they receive real service from other companies.
A note about filming real estate projects by Kamiran:
There are those who object to not mentioning the prices of projects in the videos that we produce, knowing that filming takes a lot of time and effort. Filming a small apartment may take about 5-6 working days in several stages using various equipment and lenses necessary to produce work that suits our customers, but we do not We set prices in order to give an opportunity to customers who wish to invest through us to communicate with our team and find out the projects suitable for them and give them all the details about them.

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