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Real Estate Fraud: Where's my central?

Date Published:

August 31, 2017

Last Updated:

January 26, 2023

If you were walking around Istanbul and asked a passer-by about the city center of Istanbul, they would answer you with the names of areas such as Fatih, Sisli, Ali Bey, and others, and this is true in our present time. Every city has a center where government facilities are concentrated and services are spread, but will this remain the case in Istanbul in the coming years?

What appears among the upcoming state projects and municipal plans that are being implemented indicates that Istanbul will move during the next stage from an ordinary city to a decentralized urban organization so that every neighborhood in this city becomes an independent and integrated center that contains various services and facilities that the population may need so that there is no need to go to distant neighborhoods to conduct daily transactions and fulfill various needs.

This decentralized planning appears very clearly in the new areas of Istanbul, and by the new areas of Istanbul we mean the region: Basaksehir and its Bahcesehir region, Esenyurt region, Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece regions. These areas differ from the old areas of Istanbul mainly in the infrastructure: which includes water, electricity, sewage, internet, and natural gas installations, in addition to transportation lines such as train stations, bus stations, Metrobus, Tramway, etc., and commercial centers, health and educational facilities. In addition to the difference in the urban nature in terms of area and percentage of distribution of green spaces, the presence of facilities, social and recreational services, and the presence of residential complexes instead of random houses.

And if we check the regions of Istanbul, taking into account the previous criteria, we will find that every neighborhood in Istanbul has turned into a center where most of the services and facilities are located, and despite the vitality of the old regions of Istanbul, its infrastructure has begun to age and decay with time, while the infrastructure is being established with modern standards. And at a high level of quality in the new areas. In addition, the new areas today are characterized by a large presence of residential complexes, which means more secure and luxurious housing. In addition, the urban planning in the new areas ensures the presence of sufficient green spaces that ensure a better level of health and entertainment.

Cases of real estate fraud may occur through the marketing of old and possibly dilapidated real estate at very high prices under the pretext that they are located in the city center, so it was necessary for us in Turkey Apartment Dreams to explain to the valued investors who wish to own a property in Turkey the concept of the city center in Istanbul today and how the basic services that they may need are distributed in all residential neighborhoods, and that the state's large projects such as Istanbul Airport, which is the third largest airport in the world, the new Istanbul Canal, which is considered a new Bosphorus, and other huge projects are all present today in the new areas of Istanbul. Which means better areas, whether for housing or investment.

Our advice to investors:
You may hear some marketing phrases by some real estate marketers today about real estate that its advantage lies in the fact that it is located in the city center or an attempt to distort the image of some projects with good standards only under the pretext that they are far from the city center, but what you should know is that all of Istanbul has become a center and there is no meaning of these marketing scams.

Turkey Dream Apartment Kamiran tip for scammers:
The real estate marketer must put the customer’s interest first, and this requires honesty in dealing and providing the best and most appropriate real estate options from the customer’s point of view, not according to the profit that the marketer can achieve from the sale transaction. In view of the best real estate in terms of quality, price, and the possibility of making profits later, most of them are located in the new areas of Istanbul.

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