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Real estate fraud in Turkey

Since 2012, I have been trying hard to disseminate accurate information about the right way to invest in Turkey, and I am often shocked by the emergence of new methods of fraud and false information caused by the inexperience of some workers in this field or their intended desire to defraud, in addition to the ignorance of some people coming to Turkey for the purpose of investment or tourism with Turkish laws and their adoption or He also conveyed this information to them, intentionally or unintentionally, and after a while and suffering in an attempt to publish and correct this information, I decided to start a series on YouTube under the name Real estate fraud in an attempt to save the largest possible segment from the clutches of real estate fraud. Some actions of a few individuals may lead to a negative image of real estate investment in Turkey, but it certainly does not represent the real or general image Real estate fraud episodes for a safe investment in Turkey are now in your hands, in their first and second parts, and the production in them is still ongoing, so we have produced a special program for all real estate fraud issues in Turkey

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