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Call Center Agents in the Real Estate Market

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Call center agents vary in the economic, commercial, industrial, medical, and real estate sectors. Most sectors require call center employees to sell or market the maximum number of products they manufacture.

What makes real estate call centers different from other sectors?

Call center agents in this sector are real estate consultants, they communicate with clients looking to purchase properties and provide real estate advice and information, this keeps clients updated with the Turkish real estate market and ownership. The task of a call center agent begins from the first contact with a client and continues throughout the ownership process until the sales officer responsible for completing the process

Knowing your clients better and keeping them informed

Clients inquire about various aspects of the real estate market; our agents provide detailed information about residential complexes in Turkey and the preferred areas to own real estate. Clarifying the intent of purchase is essential for choosing the right estate i.e., investment, residential, Turkish citizenship.

Supplying clear and accurate information to clients about life in Turkey including its industries, trade, and economy that favor investment means that agents must be fully aware of any obstacles that a client may encounter while coming to Turkey.

Meeting Client Expectations

Agents work on acquiring offers based on client requests in terms of specifications and their intent for purchase. Aerial maps and video tours about the project and its location demonstrate internal and external layouts while presenting to clients its advantages and disadvantages. Indirectly, call center agents in the real estate sector are responsible for the first impressions of any agency.

Real Estate Laws, Taxes and Fees

Call center agents inform clients about ownership laws for real estate in Turkey and all legal procedures related to ownership, this is essential for foreigners because they need to address any required papers during the stages of a purchase. Clients are obligated to pay taxes and fees during the final stages of title deed transfer, these are imposed by the municipality and land directory of that respective district.

In one way or another, call center agents are the first step at building trust with clients. The real estate sector is built on trust, agencies compete to deliver the best services for their clients while maintaining transparency. The Turkish real estate market is an especially complex space, there is so much information that is difficult to source and this is where agents work to facilitate the decision-making process for clients.

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