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Conditions for investment in Turkey for 2022

The Investment Law for foreigners in Turkey consists of many rules regulating foreign investment operations in Turkey, which specify the conditions, facilities, and matters related to foreign investment in the country codified in the Turkish Constitution within detailed texts about foreign investment in Turkey.

Turkey represents one of the leading countries in facilitating the flow of foreign investments by providing packages of government support, facilitation of procedures, and various guarantees with additional attractions that depend on a developed and modern infrastructure with the availability of roads, transportation, ports, and airports for transport, import and export operations.

Free investment in all Turkish sectors:

Turkish law grants the foreign investor the right to invest in all fields within Turkey, and the legal procedures he followed are equal to the Turkish investor.

Remittances and money transfers:

The foreign investor in Turkey is free to transfer funds abroad from his net profits or investment returns without legal obstacles and impediments.

Expropriation or nationalization."

There is no provision in Turkish law for the confiscation of property, whether for a Turkish citizen or a foreign investor unless there is a judicial order resulting from a violation of the law. In this case, the property owner is compensated for the value of the confiscated property.

Foreign investment in Turkey is based on several types:
Real estate investment in Turkey:

Turkish law allows foreigners to buy real estate within Turkish territory, except for citizens of "Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Armenia." A foreigner can buy a property in Turkey and be treated the same as a Turkish citizen regarding legal procedures and receipt of the title deed. According to the bank's policies in which it is deposited and the bank deposit program the investor participates in.

It is noteworthy that Turkish law grants the real estate investor Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property with a value of at least $400,000, provided that it is not sold for at least three years.

Investing in bank deposits:

Turkish law encourages foreigners to invest in Turkish banks through several banking facilities and benefits and grants Turkish citizenship to bank investors upon depositing an amount of 500 thousand dollars on the condition of not withdrawing them for no less than three years.

Incorporation of companies:

This constitutes all productive institutions, whether in the service sector, factories, or laboratories, as Turkey provides an ideal environment to attract investors wishing to invest in this sector. Transportation, ports, airports, railways, and roadways.

Turkish law also allows foreigners to invest in Turkey by establishing companies or opening branches for them from their companies abroad. In this context, Turkey is its acceptance of start-ups and small companies with simple capital and a limit of about 2000 US dollars, which encourages new investors and those with creative ideas to experience investing in a dynamic economic environment easily.

Buying government bonds:

Many investors resort to government bonds, as they consider them a haven and a secured investment portfolio. Money can be saved, and profits can be made with the possibility of liquidation and money return. In Turkey, foreign investors can invest in government bonds offered in the markets by purchasing them. Turkish law encourages foreign investors through the possibility of granting their Turkish citizenship if they are buying government bonds worth 500 thousand dollars without selling them for three years.

Conditions for investing in Turkey for foreigners for the year 2022:

- The foreign investor must be an investment within the legal determinants and legislative regulations for the type of investment in Turkey. His non-compliance with the laws exposes him to losing his full rights and confiscation with his deportation.

- The presence of an accredited legal advisor or a legal advisory office is a condition that the foreign investor must abide by when establishing the company or institution to preserve his legal interests and settle his governmental affairs from obtaining licenses and others.

-The foreign investor must deposit 25% of his company's capital in a Turkish bank.

- If the foreign investment in Turkey is a real estate investment, it must be ensured that the property is legal and that its real estate area does not exceed 30 hectares throughout Turkey.

-Priority in employment is required for Turkish citizens. Employment of foreigners is not allowed unless certain conditions are met, and a work permit is obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Labor.

TDA Turkey Dreams Apartment | KAMIRAN

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