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Tax Number in Turkey

Updated: Jan 9

Known as “Vergi Numarasi'' in Turkey, the Tax Number is a 10 digit identification number essential for completing financial procedures online, especially for taxes payments and property payments.

What is the Tax Number used for in Turkey?
  • Opening an account in any public or private bank.

  • Paying for common utilities (water, electricity, gas) and other services.

  • Property ownership.

  • Residence Card payments.

  • Issuing a driving license.

  • Purchasing a vehicle.

  • Health insurance.

How to get a Turkish Tax Number?

There are two ways to derive the Turkish Tax No.

1- Deriving Tax Number from the Tax Office:

By simply submitting a photocopy of your passport with any official document that proves your address (e.g: lease contract) to your local tax office, and your Tax No. will be issued within minutes.

2- Deriving the Tax Number online:

Open this link:

and click on the second option “Yabancılar İçin Potansiyel Vergi Kimlik Numarası” which means: “potential Tax number for foreigners”

Fill the form in this order:

Adınız: Name

Soyadınız: Surname

Cinsiyet: Gender

Anne Adınız: Mother’s Name.

Baba Adınız: Father’s Name.

Doğum Tarihinizi: Date of birth.

Doğum Yerinizi: Place of birth.

Ülke Kodunu: Your country’s code

Telefono Numaranızı: Phone number.

Adresiniz: Address

Pasaport Numaranızı: Passport number.

Pasaport Düzenleme Tarihi: Passport’s issuance date.

Pasaport Geçerlilik Tarihi: Passport expiry date.

Enter the confirmation code

Click “Tamam”

After submitting the form, your Tax No. will be sent to your phone number via a text message.

How to retrieve your Tax No. in case of losing it?

From the same link above, click on “Confirmation” where you’ll need to provide the following information:

1- Passport number.

2- Your country.

3- Date of birth.

Then click on “Sorgula” ( Inquiry) and the data of the lost Tax No. would be displayed.

Who is entitled for the VAT Number in Turkey?
  • Short and long-termed residents.

  • Residents with work permits

  • Foreigners without Turkish residencies.

  • Kimlik residents.

  • Refugees.

TDA Turkey Dreams Apartment | KAMIRAN

TDA specializes in Turkey’s real estate market.

Our motto: “A safe investment for life” is a reflection of our determination for providing best services within Istanbul’s real estate markets.

The following lines will give you an abstract of our principles, our journey and why TDA stands out in this domain.

TDA’s YouTube Channel:

TDA started in 2013, our channel was the first of its kind specializing in Turkey’s Real Estate Market. With passion and insistence, our humble beginnings and equipment developed along the years, we now have a 4K technology for our videos allowing us to display our vision as vividly as possible for our subscribers of 103k.

TDA’s Creativity:

TDA broke Real Estate Market’s boundaries, instead of keeping the project’s information in discrete, we provide all data of the real estate project, inspect all details, advantages and disadvantages to be as transparent as possible with our clients.

Based on our long experience and vast knowledge; we set 5 main standards to evaluate each project, and not one project has yet to meet them by 100%.

TDA’s Aerial View:

Our drones fly all over Istanbul’s sky to capture the best, most inclusive scope of the property’s project and surroundings in 4K technology.

Our Principles:


Providing Quality Services

Exposing Property Scams

Build a diverse family of various backgrounds and goals within our employees and clients.

Contact Us:

On our Email:

Our number: 00905367779629

Or we are honoured to welcome you in our office at

gökevler mah. 2312 sok No: 16 ginza corner iş merkezi c-blok dük 65, 34520 Esenyurt

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