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What does TDA advise its clients wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship?

A few days ago, local media, led by Anadolu Agency, reported that the Turkish government, in its last meeting, which was held on Tuesday, April 12, decided to raise the value of the property that grants Turkish citizenship from $250,000 to $400,000, provided that this decision will be effective the moment it is published in the official newspaper.

Since that day, there has been general confusion in real estate circles and clients wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship. The most important question arose: Should I buy a property today for 250 thousand dollars and hurry to apply for Turkish citizenship? Or should I wait until the new instructions are issued? And if I rush to own the property according to the law in force until now, which is $250,000, can the recent decision apply to me?

TDA waited several days as it made several calls and follow-ups on the matter before advising its clients.

TDA Turkey Apartment Dreams | Kameran Recommends its clients who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership with the following points:
  • Communicate with the customer service department and request information about projects that comply with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship for 250 thousand dollars.

  • Request the help of the real estate consultant in determining the most appropriate property and conforming to the conditions of citizenship.

  • Extract the real estate appraisal report.

  • Whether the client is inside or outside Turkey, conducting special agencies for TDA representatives to conclude purchase contracts, ratify them, and extract the required documents.

  • Sell foreign currency equivalent to 250 thousand dollars to the Central Bank of Turkey through an intermediary bank (government bank), including the reason in the notice (obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership), and replace foreign exchange with its equivalent in Turkish currency.

  • Transfer the property's value in Turkish lira from the buyer's account to the seller's account through the same intermediary bank.

  • Obtaining the Tapu Document.

  • Extract a document corresponding to Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change.

The application file for obtaining Turkish citizenship should include the documents mentioned above, in addition to:
  • Copies of passports of the investor, his wife, and children under 18, translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish Noter.

  • The wife's consent for her and her children to obtain Turkish citizenship.

  • Marriage statement and a family statement containing the name of the husband (investor), wife, and children with dates and places of birth, certified by the consulate of the client's country and by the governor of the Turkish city, translated and approved by the Turkish Noter

  • Personal photos of the investor and his family

  • Tax Number.

  • Photocopies of valid residence permits in Turkey for the investor and his wife (if any).

  • Submit the file to the Turkish Immigration Presidency to obtain the investor's residence pending the issuance of the naturalization decision. The file passes through several stages that take a few months until a letter confirms the distribution of the citizenship decision and asks the investor and his family to review the Turkish Nufus Department to obtain Turkish identities.

Because of its experience in the Turkish real estate market since 2013, TDA Turkey dream apartment | Kamiran sees that such a decision (raising the value of the property corresponding to Turkish citizenship to 400 thousand dollars) cannot be valid on the transactions that were made before the decision was officially issued and even after its issuance, it can be granted a time before it becomes effective in a specific date. Hence, TDA advises its clients to expedite the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership worth 250 thousand dollars before the new amendments become legally effective.

TDA Turkey Dreams Apartment | KAMIRAN

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