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Some may think that Turkey dream apartment, as known as TDA, is a company that was founded based on an investment idea and has grown and developed based on market trends and needs. But the reality is different from what the business market here understands, or what the business market in general describes.

Turkey dream apartment was built based on violating the norms of the Turkish real estate market and it is mistaken for those who think that it has blown up all that is traditional in this field. It is more correct to say that it defined the market in different ways based on lack of experience and reinventing the wheel as it is said.

I was not a person with experience in this field or someone who studied real estate marketing, or even not a person with knowledge of Turkey or the Turkish language at the time this company was established. My first motivation was that I wanted to earn my livelihood in a halal way and establish myself in a new country after the war and the displacement of the Assad regime, our dreams, ideas, and plans that we built in Syria. I found myself in front of a large real estate demand in Turkey, and I tried to employ what I learned in the 27 years of my past life, what my father taught me of goodness, the sincerity of speech, and patience. I was not very fortunate to meet those with experience, so I had to work in this field and formulate my definition of real estate investment in Turkey based on my definition in the areas in which I acquired my modest life experiences in recent years.


I did not know that studying archeology in Syria would help me stimulate my imagination in describing the places I visit and present them to my clients. And I did not know that the experiences I gained in advertising would formulate the method of conveying the previous description to my audience, and after 3 years of work I discovered that what I am doing is not only inventing the new wheel, but rather is rebuilding a new definition of the Turkish real estate market, but rather a mixture between what I took from my childhood What my father taught me of courage and sincerity in proposing and what I learned in my academic studies of how to describe and communicate information of this large market.


I did not know before that that proposing the name of the project when presenting it to clients is one of the objections,  and I did not know either that mentioning the project site to the followers is one of the major sins in this field When I found a soul in front of this new definition, I had nothing but patience and continued challenge or retreat and integration into this environment of workers in the field of real estate marketing and use of its fundamentals in marketing from concealing and beautifying information to complete the sale process. Here, I decided to return to the instinct with which we were born to the sincerity of the proposition and increased my persistence in my desire to preserve everything beautiful in my relationship in the past and the foundations on which my father established it,  so I decided to increase the level of challenge and raise the disadvantages of the projects that I see before their advantages, and this was another milestone in the journey of Turkey dream apartment and perhaps the most important mark until the moment.


On this website, you will find all that can help you in terms of information about the network of projects that I deal with in Turkey.  Projects with their real names with the names of construction companies, Project locations, and area information, exact distances from the main landmarks close to them, in addition to evaluating this project in all impartiality with the pros and cons, and we do not forget the most important thing that the investor always looks at, the accurate price and returns from the investment.

You will also find the advantages that you will get if you want to invest with us in one of the projects within our network, including life-long services.

You will find our advice for making a safe investment in Turkey.

In addition to articles and video clips on the real estate fraud series.

And you will find a permanently updated page about projects that we do not recommend buying in Turkey.

This and more within your reference, the official website of Turkey Dream Apartment TDA.

You can contact us at any time or directly with me through the following link.

Turkey dream apartment with its team is my lifestyle and experiences that I have gained so far, and I will add to it what I will gain in the future.


     Visit Turkey Dreams Apartment Team

Kamiran Halil


How did we get ahead of our real estate counterparts?



The first real estate marketing company in Turkey to offer a formal contract for after-sales services that the customer benefits from free of charge and for life because we believe that the customer’s comfort and trust is the most important factor of success.


Customers service

In our endeavor to provide distinguished services to clients, it was necessary to have an integrated team of consultants in the customer service department characterized by rapid response and extensive experience in the various fields of interest to investors.



The first real estate marketing company to display the name of the project and the location of the project and mention the negatives of the project and provide a detailed map of the service facilities surrounding the project and aerial photography of the different areas in Istanbul.

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